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Our Services

Cats & dogs both require regular scheduled grooming to maintain hygiene. To ensure that all of our clients receive a clean, healthy, and matt-free animal whether feline or canine we employ professional stylists that cater to your pets specific needs.

Our services can be better determined & explained when we see your pet. For information regarding our services or to make an appropriate appointment please call (972)-383-9610.


Dog Grooming Services

  • Bath & Brush- All dogs receive breed specific shampoo and conditioner, with a blueberry facial, anal expression (if necessary), ear cleaning and plucking (if necessary), hand dried, nail clipping, & a 15-min brush out.
  • Neat & Tidy- Includes the Bath & Brush with the addition of a sanitary clip & trimming of the feet, face, & tail.
  • Full Service Groom- Includes the Bath & Brush, Neat & Tidy, and a full grooming of the entire body.

Additional Spa Services

  • De-shedding- Cutting shedding by 85% & is great for all breed types.
  • Medicated Bath- Relieves irritated skin.
  • Flea & Tick Bath- Includes a Capstar pill & shampoo to insure all fleas & ticks are killed.  Note:  this only kills the fleas & ticks that are on the pet. Pet parent will still need to treat their house and/or yard.
  • Color Enhancing- Enhances the natural color of the pet’s coat.
  • Creative Coloring- Semi-permanent & temporary colors available. Requires a special appointment.
  • Teeth brushing- Flavored toothpaste to kill enzymes & freshen breath.
  • Nail Grinding- Rounding off the edges of the nail to push back the quick and to not have a sharp edge on the nails.
  • Nail Polish- Safe polish for dogs nails.


We do not give quotes without seeing your dog. The actual price of the service is dependent upon many factors. Anything that increases the difficulty of the groom or the time required to complete the groom increases the price.

  • Breed of dog- Different breeds require different services that vary in difficulty. Breeds that require more work have costlier prices.
  • Size of dog- Larger dogs require more time to complete than smaller dogs, and are thus, more expensive.
  • Temperament of the dog- Although our groomer specializes in “difficult” dogs, nervous or aggressive dogs must groomed slowly and carefully to prevent further stressing of your dog.
  • Age of the dog- Young pups can be wiggly and nervous, while older dogs need gentle care. Older dogs may also have loose skin that can be easily cut if the proper care is not taken as well other health problems that may be aggravated if the services are rushed.