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17194 Preston Rd # 118
Dallas TX, 75248

Your Pets Home Away From Home

Our state of the art hotel facilities mean that your canine friend will enjoy their own little vacation while you enjoy yours.  We offer state of the art facilities and equipment to ensure that your pet's stay is both safe and enjoyable.  We don't see our guests as guests but rather members of our extended canine family!

Our small kennels are 3ft x 4ft so don't let the size fool you. We also offer a few smalls that can be combined creating a small suite*.  We also have larger 4ft x 5ft kennels for our larger friends. If you have multiple larger dogs the 4ft x 5ft kennels can also be comined into a 4ft x 10ft suite*.

*Individual pricing still applies, combined kennels are equivalent to 2 kennels of the same size.


Small Kennel (3ft x 4ft) $34/night  
Large Kennel (4ft x 5ft) $42/night 
Additional Dog Per Kennel: $17/dog per night

Day Camp Camera

We provide the ability to view our daycamp area for hotel guests.  For more information go here.

What about cats?

You are in luck! Our sister company Urban Aristocats offers hotel services specifically for cats, and it just so happens its located right next door!

Urban Aristocats

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet need to be current with vaccinations?   Yes.  We require that all dogs staying with us be current with rabies and bordatella vaccinations.  You can either bring us verification from your vet showing the vaccines and their expiration or provide us with your vet's information and we can verify it for you.  

I have multiple dogs, can they stay in the same kennel?  If the size kennel you reserved can safely accomodate all dogs(max of 4) then yes. You would be charged the standard rate plus $15 per additional dog up to 4.  We do reserve the right not to fill a kennel to capacity if we feel it could be unsafe to your pet or our staff.  We also have a limited number of small and large kennels that can be combined(Individual pricing still applies).

Does my dog stay in its kennel all day?  No! Several times throughout the day dogs are brought into the day camp room for play time.

Does my dog get taken outside? Becasue we are located in a busy shopping center we do not take animals outside of the facilities for their safety.  Our playroom has a specialized K-9 turf with underlying cleaning system for when your pet needs to do his or her business. 

Do I need to bring my dogs food?  Yes.  We do not keep dog food in the store nor do we sell it.  You should bring enough food for your dogs entire stay and possibly a little extra as a precaution.  We will return any unused food to you.  If you bring your food in an unbranded container please write on it or provide the type of food it is along with your pets name and how much to feed per serving.  We generally feed twice per day however if your dog has special dietary needs please let us know.

Do I need to bring my dogs food bowl? No we have that covered!

Can I bring my dog's bed?  Yes you can bring anything you would like however we discourage small things that can get lost easily.  We also will not include anything in the kennel we feel may pose a danger to your pet but in general beds and blankets are fine.

What are your drop off and pick up times? Drop off time is any-time after 4pm on the first day of their stay.  Pick-up time is by 9am on the final day.  If you have to drop off early or pick up later than the designated times we will charge you 1 day of doggy day camp. We do offer late pickup and drop off times after business hours if arranged ahead of time for an additional fee.  Contact us for more details.

Can I tour your facility?  Yes you can.  Call us ahead of time so we can arrange a time when we aren't busy and can answer all your questions.

Can I book a reservation for my cat at Urban Aristocats at the same time as my dog?. Yes you can, simply mention that you also have a cat in need of hotel services when making a reservation. Urban Aristocats is the same address as Knot 2 Shaggy in the suite next door(#119) so you can pick up and drop off at the same time.  We encourage you to visit the Urban Aristocats Website for more information on cat hotel services.