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Your pet is very important to us big or small. Our goal is to provide your pet with professional grooming in a calm and peaceful environment. We focus on a relaxing salon spa atmosphere to ensure your pet gets the best pampered groom in Dallas. We work by appointment only to allow each pet to receive full attention. Our boarding services include accommodations for your pet in a clean and fun environment.

appointmentsWorking by appointment means your pet does not have to be away from home all day, although we do have boarding services to cater to your work and travel needs. During this time, your pet is pampered with the highest quality products on the market.

A variety of products are kept in stock and used according to each pet’s needs. These products include medicated shampoo, breed specific shampoo and flea and tick shampoo.

charlieOur main concern is the comfort of your pet. If at any time during the grooming process your pet becomes too stressed, then we will not continue. Your pet’s health and well-being is more important than anything else.

Contact us today to schedule your pet’s appointment or if you have any questions. Because many of our clients prefer to pre-book appointments, we stay booked several weeks in advance so be sure to call ahead! Also note that we are especially busy during the weekends and holiday season for grooming and boarding services. Contact us today for all your pets needs at (972)-733-9936 or